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PrankMania is the favorite website from social networks for a fast and funny joke.
Since 2013, millions of users have created Pranks and shared fun through more than 160 countries.

Pranks are on our daily life, we like to be surprised.

PrankMania spreads fun, after all, we are all Pranksters.

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Prank (or practical joke) is a trick played on someone, generally surprising the person who got pranked. At PrankMania you can create an online Prank to quickly have fun with your friends.
By doing that, you become a Prankster, the joke’s creator.
Go to the Prank Link Generator prankmania.com. Choose a surprising title. Think about a currently popular topic to pick up a good joke idea.
In the “description” box you can give further details about the topic. Search and choose an image for your Prank. It’s done!
Create your Prank and share with your friends. Get amazed by tracking the number of people you have pranked!
On the top menu, click on Register.
Fill in your email and create a password or simply log in using your Google Account. Then, you will be able to choose a nickname. It’s done!
After that, you will be able to create and save your Pranks. Beyond having fun by watching people getting pranked, you’ll become part of the Prankster’s Ranking.
Who knows, will you become the world’s biggest Prankster?!
Log in your account by clicking on the top menu. After login, click on the “My Details” tab.
There, you will be able to edit your entire account, choose a different email, password, gender, country, age, and so on. There are also the options to exclude your account or to delete your details.
You get points in the Prankster’s Ranking every time you create a Prank and share it on your Social Networks. Every time someone gets pranked by your prank, you get more points and keep moving up the Ranking.
Create unusual pranks and share them with your groups and friends. It might not get a long time until you become the world’s biggest Prankster.
Log in your Account on the top menu. Click on “My Pranks” tab and find the Prank you want to edit.
Next to the Prank preview, there will be a pencil icon, for editing, and a trash bin icon for deleting.
Choose the option you want and click confirm.
On the prank’s page, find the “Report Abuse” button. After clicking on it, you will be able to give us more information about the issue.
We depend on our users to help us find the problems inside the platform, so we can manage to clean it as fast as possible.
A popular subject nowadays is the generation and spread of journalistic unreal content, many times with hidden reasons.
PrankMania rejects all of that. On our website, the user is invited to create some humoristic headlines with no other reason but having fun. Furthermore, no extra content is created. Right after a user gets pranked, it’s displayed that the topic is a joke.
We also maintain a Report Abuse system, where any user can report all the abusive jokes.
Know our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
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