Updated on 12/18/2018

This Privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") establishes the rules regarding the collection, use, storage, protection, sharing, and the users rights in relation to their personal data ("Personal Information"), in The use of the platform called Prankmania developed by M1K Administration and Leases LTDA (“M1K"), registered in the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ acronym in Portuguese) under N. 20.928.824/0001-33.

Prankmania may develop new products and/or functionalities applicable to the platform. Except as otherwise provided, this privacy policy will apply in full to the user’s accesses and interactions at the electronic address (URL) and other addresses linked to the platform, as well as to new products and/or Aggregate functionalities to the platform. However, if such introductions result in any need for modification to the collection, use, storage, protection, sharing, and rights of the users’ personal information , a new privacy policy will apply, and it will depend on the user’s acceptance.

When using, albeit partially, the Platform, the user agrees to this privacy policy, which applies to all relationships involving Prankmania and its users. If you do not agree with a rule exposed below, do not use the platform.

1. Object

This privacy policy, combined with the platform terms of use (to access the Terms of Use Click Here), aims to confer advertising and clarity regarding the operation of the developed platform by M1K, pursuant to the requirements of Law No. 12.965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet - in Portuguese: Marco Civil da Internet), Law N. 13.709/2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), more precisely in relation to:

a. the personal information that is collected by Prankmania;

b. the way of use of personal information collected by Prankmania; And

c. the users’ rights in relation to personal information provided and/or collected by Prankmania

2. Information collected by Prankmania

To regulate the use and operationalization of the platform, as well as to improve the browsing experience, Prankmania collects some important information from its users, which we list below:

Register Information: For users who are registered on the platform, Prankmania will collect the name or legal name, e-mail, date of birth, nationality, and other data that are necessary for the correct individualization of the users’ registration. The user has the right to change, delete, and update their data at any time by authorizing Prankmania to keep the register the information and data previously provided.

Information Access: In addition to the register information that the user voluntarily provides, Prankmania, through cookies and similar technologies, such as Google Analytics, will also collect and store information that is automatically received every time the user interacts with the platform, such as Internet Protocol (IP), browser type, details about interactions with the platform (for example, Pages viewed and date and time of access), browsing history, IMEI and UDID.

Information regarding user-generated content: The platform will allow the transference (Uploads) by the Users of some information, such as images and texts used for content generation. Prankmania will have access to this information and uploads.

3. Use of user’s personal information

Because of the user’s interaction with the platform, Prankmania collects and stores a series of personal information, as described above, whether due to the need to comply with the legislation or because of the legitimate interests of Prankmania in relation to the execution of the services and fulfillment of its contractual obligations. Users’ personal information is used by Prankmania and its service providers for the following purposes:

Purpose Reason
Register The registration information is necessary for the correct identification of the users who use the platform.
Customization and improvement of the platform usage experience The Access information automatically collected by the platform aims to enables Prankmania to personalize and improve the User experience within the platform, enabling, for example, the offering of content related to their specific interests, such as new features, individualized and adapted content to their geographic location, recommendations, and own or third-party advertising, through services like Google AdSense, among other ad platforms. The information collected is based on current and past visits to various websites. For more information on how Google treats the data collected on our website, visit
Performance analysis The information about the platform use is also intended to allow Prankmania understand how the User interacts with the platform and aims the legitimate interest of ensuring the functionality and improvement of the Platform, the development of new products/functionalities, the identification of navigability problems, errors, and operational failures.
Content control and third-party protection The user-generated content is collected and stored by Prankmania for the purpose of allowing the control of the uploads made in the platform, thus, it is allowed the exclusion of prohibited content and infringing rights of third parties.
Compliance with data protection legislation Prankmania collects and stores the registration and access information also due to the need to comply with the legislation regarding the protection of the data of its Users.
Communication The registered information is used to allow communication between Prankmania and the User. For example, for the updating of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, communication of system falls, scheduled maintenance, among others.
Offering new services and Functionalities Personal information may be used, provided that it is expressly authorized by the User, for sending advertising, offers, and services from Prankmania or third-parties.

4. Sharing of personal information with third parties

The regular operation of Prankmania depends on the sharing of data and personal information with third parties. Below, we provide in which situations we may share our users’ personal information:

Service Providers and contractors: In order to execute its activities, Prankmania hires service providers to perform various activities, such as website hosting, access metrics, data storage, among others. These service providers, to the extent necessary for the execution of the activities for which they have been contracted, will have access to the registration information provided by the user as well as to the access information.

Other companies in the group: Prankmania may share the personal information of its users with other companies in the group in order to develop a unique company strategy, what will allow the good performance of the Platform.

Business partners: Upon express permission of the user, Prankmania may share personal information for business partners and/or Prankmania sponsors.

Law enforcement or solicitation by authorities: Users’ personal information may be shared with authorities and public bodies in case of a court order forcing Prankmania the provision of such data or, always when Prankmania comprehend that such procedure is necessary for compliance with legal determination.

Investors: Users’ personal information may be shared with third parties if Prankmania is, in whole or in part, sold or it is initiated arrangements for sale of equity participation in the business.

5. User rights on personal information collected by Prankmania

Storage: Prankmania stores the personal information of its users during the period in which it is necessary for the provision of the service, and for legitimate commercial and business purposes, under the terms defined by the legislation. Regardless, that is, although there is no legitimate interest of Prankmania, regarding to the provisions of Law N. 12.965/2014, we are obliged to maintain the user registration and access information for a minimum period of 06 (six) months, from the data collection.

Access right: The User has the right to access, at any time, the information collected by Prankmania, as well as by which services and for which purposes their information is being used. Similarly, the user who feels injured or harmed by any content created and/or shared by means of the platform, may request access to the personal information of the creator of such content by contacting Prankmania.

Amendment and revision: The user may, through the platform, revise and amend his personal information. The user may also request the removal of all his/her Personal information, as well as requesting the closing of his/her account, using the tool available for this purpose in the user area on the platform.

Interruption of the use of information for advertising purposes (Opt-out): the sending of advertisements, offers, and other information by e-mail message may be interrupted by the user following the instructions in the message sent, or by contacting Prankmania. In addition, you may disable the use of your personal information by ad networks to the dissemination of third-party custom advertising by accessing And

6. Information security

Prankmania is responsible for the security of the personal information of its users, committing itself to employ the utmost of its efforts in the defense and protection of such data, through updated and efficient security practices and services. However, it is your duty to warn that no method of transmitting data over the Internet or any mode of electronic storage is completely safe and infallible, so that, notwithstanding the efforts employed, it cannot guarantee the absolute safety of Personal information collected.

7. Links to third-party websites

Eventually, Prankmania may make available on the platform access links to third-party websites. It is important that the user is aware that the rules regarding the processing of the user’s personal information will probably differ from the rules and information set forth herein. In this way, Prankmania strongly recommends that its users keep informed about the privacy policy and the processing of personal information regarding the services offered by third parties.

8. Privacy Policy change

Prankmania may change this privacy policy at any time and will ostensibly communicate to the user any changes to this document. The acceptance of the new rules is a decision which rests solely to the User. This means that the User may reject them, by canceling the account, by doing this the access to the platform might be blocked.

9. Language and Translations

This privacy policy was originally written in Portuguese language of Brazil and will be timely translated into other languages. In case of any divergence between the original Portuguese version and the translated version of the Privacy Policy, the original Portuguese version shall prevail.

10. Legislation

This Privacy Policy is ruled and construed by Brazilian laws. Any dispute arising from its interpretation and application, if not resolved amicably, must be solved in the forum of the City of Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul, with express resignation to any other, no matter how privileged it may be.

11. Contacts and doubts

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or if you wish to make any request about with your personal information, you should contact Prankmania.

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